Call For Papers

The 2nd  IMC committee invites you to submit an abstract paper to be presented at 2nd International Multidisciplinary Conference 2016.  The manuscript should meet the following requirements:

  1. The abstract should include i) purpose of the study ii) method, major issues and discussion and iii) conclusion. Maximum word: 250 words, with 4 keywords minimum.
  2. Accepted papers will be presented in concurrent sessions, a maximum of 3-4 related papers will be presented in each session.
  3. Papers must:
    • be original and have not been previously published
    • be written using the conference paper template. Please find it below
    • be written on A4 paper with 1.5 space and between 5 – 9 pages
    • be typed in Microsoft Word with 12 Font of Times New Roman
    • put names of main author, co-author (s), affiliation and e-mail address of each author
    • be completed with brief resume of the author (s)
    • Template full paper & abstract visit Here
    • Registration Flow click this link