• International Multidisciplinary Conference 2016


    Developing successful global generations is a competitive advantage for the institutions. However, global trends require additional competencies of all professions. Thus, a competency-based approach should be applied so that institutions can better identify and develop their next generations. Global trends should be taken into account as a ‘driver’ in the development of new professions competencies.

  International Multidisciplinary Conference II (IMC II) is held to commemorate the 61st anniversary of Universitas Muhammadiyah Jakarta. The theme of: “Enhancing human resources professional competencies towards global trends” was chosen to show that in its development, this university always puts it’s best efforts to respond to the global trends especially in the field of education. These noble steps will not be significant without any synergy with other parties. Hence, it is expected that through this conference, the contributors will deliver their research results on how to strengthen human resources’ professional competencies in order to take a part in today’s global world.

     Since the various professions in society are born from institutions as the important foundation for the allocation of those to different positions, then the idea of having people from multidisciplinary studies in this program is timely it aims to facilitate ‘spaces’ in which all best practices can be shared and discussed as the commitment to the real implementation of ‘professionalism’.

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